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PA20IV Series 6 Zones Mixing Amplifier
  • PA20IV Series 6 Zones Mixing Amplifier
  • PA20IV Series 6 Zones Mixing Amplifier
● Two microphone inputs, three Line inputs, and one Line output for link.
● Transform the output into 6 zones.
● Muting function.
● Individual volume control.
● Bass and treble tone control.
● A five-element LED level meter is provided for the quick and easy visual monitoring of sound level.
● The protection and alarm in case of output short-circuit.

PA200 series is 6 zone mixer amplifier with new circuit design and its rated power is 60W/120W. It has 2 microphone inputs and 3 aux inputs. Mic1 has priority over other inputs.Individual gain controls are provided for Microphone and aux; bass and treble controls and master volume control are available.
Its 6 zone selectors provide a direct control interface to users for easy control and zone paging. The alarm button will automatically activate the pre-recorded message 3 over other aux inputs.
Extensive protection are provided for indicators from short-circuit, overload, high temp, AC fuse and DC voltage .Intelligent variable frequency and cooling system to ensure extreme quite sound system.Mute function, easy to override with the priority broadcast; 100V transmission voltage; bass and treble tone can be controlled individually.
Combine pre-amp, power –amp and zoning, suit for mid and small public address system, like super market, restaurant,and coffee shop.



PA2006PIV PA2012IV 

   Rated output

60W / 120W

 Output regulation

Less than 3dB

  Speaker output


AUX output


Input Sensitivity

Mic1,2,    3mV  unbalanced

Line 1,2,3,  300mV  unbalanced

 Frequency response

65Hz-20kHz (±3dB)

  The ratio of signal to noise ratio   

Less than 0.3%  at 1kHz , 1/3 rated power


Mic1 and 2  :   Bigger than 80dB


Line 1、2 and 3  Bigger than 80dB


Bass :  ±10dB at 100Hz

Treble: ±10dB at 10kHz


AC fuse; DC voltage; overload; short-circuit.

  Muting function

Mic1 overrides other input signals with

0 ~ -30dB attenuation

      Power requirements

AC 220-240V/50-60Hz

      Power  consumption  




   Gross weight


    Net weight