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AXT8789 Network Public Address Center
  • AXT8789 Network Public Address Center
  • AXT8789 Network Public Address Center
● 10" large color LCD display, touch screen and touchpad;
● Key switch to ensure better security and stability of system;
● Powerful addressing matrix, integrated mass space for program source, program customizable on basis of users' needs;
● One button to activate zone wide alarm and manual alarm function;
● Zone specific monitoring allows real-time control over play status and volume level on terminals;
● Zone based paging. It is allowed to page a zone on the controller;
● New zone can be automatically displayed, without needs of further setup and restart of the controller;
● Automatic screen saver, to cut down operating energy consumption;
● Recording function. The user can make his/her own program source by recording on local device or by downloading from a remote computer;
● Time control function. It allows presetting a time, on which program will be downloaded from remote computer to the local device;
● 4 independent audio input channels and 2 auxiliary mix audio input channels;
● Internal CD player, with independently developed CD player control interface;
● Audio input channels extensible by network paging terminals;
● Totally 800 zones supported.
Network public address is a computer network technology based, modular structured and highly integrated and intelligent public address system.
The system realizes completely digital transmission and takes LAN as its transmission medium, and the transmission distance may be over a dozen kilometers. The existing LAN architecture may be used so that projects adopting the device can be constructed quickly and efficiently. It realizes fusion of multiple network and breaks the limitations that traditional public address systems can only realize download and can be only controlled at the computer room, by providing powerful interactive functions.
The network public address device is compatible with terminals with various functions, including player terminals, VOD terminals, paging terminals and one-button emergency calling terminals etc. The device is composed of a player, a zoning mechanism, a timer and an equalizer, in addition it also provides powerful audio matrix function.
The network public address system is applicable to airports, wharfs, college towns, schools, large gatherings (such as the Expo Park), gymnasium, industrial parks, parks, rail transit and express ways, etc.




Screen size

10.4" LCD

Operating Manner


Working environment

Ambient temperature:  5-35ºC; Relative humidity:  ≤75%; 
Barometric pressure:  86-106kpa

Load capacity of timing power source

Current at single channel:  2A

SNR of system audio signal

LINE:   >70dB;  MIC:   >60dB

Distortion of system audio signal


Standard input voltage level of 
system audio signal

LINE:   300mV;  MIC : 5mV

Standard output voltage level of 
system audio signal


Manner of power output

70V, 100V balance output

Output power without distortion 


Power consumption of the device

AC 220-240V/50-60Hz/150W

Packing dimensions (L×W×H mm)


Device dimensions (L×W×H mm)


Gross weight


Net Weight


System software

Software package of network public address
 system   Copyright reserved. Reproduction 
or counterfeit is prohibited.