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WS4701  Phased Array Column Speaker
  • WS4701  Phased Array Column Speaker
  • WS4701 Phased Array Column Speaker
● Acoustically simulate the directivity from different sharps
● Active column speaker with built-in digital signal amplifier
● Has AUX signal input and voltage power signal input
● Adjustable volume tone and other parameters
● Wide Frequency range.:100Hz-20kHz
● LED screen display
● Operate with infrared remote controller
● Compact size, easy installation
● High electro-acoustic sensitivity
● Sound speaker
The phased-array  Sound speaker is a new type of public address speaker. By applying the electronic and digital signal processing (DSP) technologies, it can simulate the directivity from differentshapes of sound columns, while the inherent performances of the sound column will not be affected, e.g. rated power, range of effective frequency response and max sound pressure level.  
With DSP technologies, we can operate with the remote controller to change the directivity of speaker system at some extent. This is suitable for loud speaking in a hall where the building acoustics is poor (especially long reverberation time). This product is most suitable for the hardware (sound box, DSP processor) of the loudspeaker system in sports venues (where the volume is large, the building acoustics is poor, the reverberation time is long and the sound is muddy), so that it can be combined with special software to make the controllable sound cover useful area (auditoria, etc) correctly and prevent it from diffusion to useless area (e.g. ceiling, door or window). In this case, it can reduce the investment in acoustic decorations in venues and decrease the energy loss caused by loudspeaker system. This leads to 
reduced investment in both the acoustic decorations and sound system in the sports venue.






Effective Frequency Range

80Hz - 18kHz

Radiation Angle In The Vertical


Radiation Angle In The Horizontal


Main Lobe Adjustment In The Focus

5m – 200m; -5m - -200m

Main Lobe Adjustment In The Horizontal

-60º - +60º

Speaker Dimensions (L*W*H)

4” x 10

Sensitivity/Max Sound Pressure Level

98 dB(1m, 1w) / 118 dB

Input sensitivity

300Mv / 70-100V

Power Supply

AC220-240V (+10%, -20%), 50-60Hz

Net Weight


Size (L*W*H)

1365 x 132.5 x 145.5 (mm)