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DSPPA Attend InfoComm China 2015 in Beijing

DSPPA Attend InfoComm China 2015 in Beijing
DSPPA Booth at CB3-01
DSPPA has attended the InfoComm China 2015 in Beijing, China from 8th to 10th April. Along with sometraditional hot-sell products, DSPPA has brought along to the show her cutting edge new products, such as7th generation network PA system, Security City PA System, Paperless Conference System, IntelligentTeaching System and Home Music System.

DSPPA Public Address Systems

 DSPPA 7th Generation Network PA System

DSPPA Paperless Conference System

DSPPA Intelligent Teaching System

DSPPA Home Music System

Visitors at DSPPA Booth
About InfoComm China
An exhibition jam-packed with activities and opportunities, InfoComm China is where many leading brandschoose to debut their latest products and solutions. Thousands of users attend the show each year to witnesswhat pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology can do for their businesses. The 2015 edition attracted 277exhibitors and 23,347 visitors. This is the place to harness the power of pro-AV and Info-Comm Technology.