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DSPPA Attends Dubai PALME 2011

DSPPA Attends Dubai PALME 2011

On April 26, 2011, the Dubai Exhibition of Professional Sound, Light, Music, Audio Visual & Systems Integration Technologies (PALME) 2011 will be held in Dubai International Convention &   Exhibition Centre. It is the most professional and influential exhibition among the expos alike in the fields of stage lighting and audio equipments. It is also the biggest event of the entertainment industry in the gulf. PALME is a highly concentrated B2B event, which only opens to professional traders and trade audiences. It is devoted to establishing the connection between regional main manufacturers, global leading manufacturers and suppliers. In this unique and comprehensive exhibition, there are thousands of companies from dozens of countries and areas, like the Middle East, Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa etc., to present their latest products in the fair.

This year, DSPPA Cooperate will exhibit several latest products like phased array column speakers, solar wireless audio systems, micro line array speakers, ultrathin line array speakers, fire alarm voice systems, intelligent pa amplifiers with 8 main amplifier and one spare amplifier, sound projector, mini digital power amplifier, mini intelligent systems and so on.(Booth No. : Sheikh Saeed N20).

Effect Drawing of DSPPA Booth