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DSPPA is Warmly Welcomed in 2014 PALM Show in Beijing

DSPPA is Warmly Welcomed in 2014 PALM Show in Beijing

On May 26th-29th, DSPPA is warmly welcomed by customers in the world’s largest and most influential sound and light exhibition – the 23rd China International Exhibition on Pro Audio Light Music & Technology (PALM EXPO). The most advanced equipments of audio and light industry such as PA system, conference system are shown in this exhibition.  DSPPA also exhibited its latest IP system, wireless system, intelligent PA system, multimedia video and audio conference system, phased array speakers, hi-fi broadcast systems, and all kinds of column speakers and ceiling speakers.

Products Displayed
Locating in B10 of Hall E2, DSPPA attracts many customers worldwide to visiting our booth. The highlight of the products displayed is the realization of large systems. Detailed description of the systems and configuration diagrams are displayed for each system, to make it easy for customer to understand.

                                 Wireless PA System, Intelligent PA System, Latest IP PA System, Multimedia Visual and Audio Conference System
DSPPA Phased Array speaker showed in the booth was awarded the Scientific and Technological Achievement of “Industry-University-Research Cooperation” in Guangdong Province. By applying the electronic and digital signal processing (DSP) technologies, the speaker can simulate the directivity from different shapes of sound columns, while the inherent performance of the sound column is  not be affected, e.g. rated power, range of effective frequency response and max sound pressure level. With DSP technologies, we may operate by the remote controller to change the directivity of speaker system at some extent. This speaker represents the most advanced technology in the world and make up for the shortage of this kind of product domestically.

Advanced Technology Award of DSPPA Phased Array Speaker

DSPPA Representative with President of PALM Zhu Xincun

Awarded Enterprise

The system displayed in DSPPA draw attention of many visitors, and they appreciated the reputation and the excellent product of DSPPA. Numerous visitors show their willingness to built long-term business relationship with DSPPA.

Visitors in DSPPA Booth
In the exhibition, DSPPA is also the focus of attention of the media.  The Chairman of DSPPA, Mr. Wang Heng, even introduces the new products and explains the development status of DSPPA to the media. When interviewed by China Digital Audio& Visual website, he explains the milestones of DSPPA and also future of this industry.  He also mentions that DSPPA is now translating the Technical Code for Public Address System Engineering of PRC(GB50526) into English, which marks that this standard is going to be internationalized.

Mr. Wang Heng with reporter from China Digital Audio& Visual website

Mr. Wang Heng with reporter from China Entertainment Technology website

Sales Director Mr. Huang Jiabin with reporter
With its reputation and high quality products, DSPPA also draw attention of many oversea buyers. They come to know more about DSPPA and show their great interest in cooperation.

Oversea Buyers in DSPPA Booth

Mr. Wang Heng with Experts

Mr. Wang Heng with Visitors

Elites in DSPPA