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Community PA Solution

Community PA  Solution
This community public address solution can be applied in residential communities to meet the needs of public broadcasting. It can realize the basic functions of public address as emergency broadcast, business announcement, background broadcast. The main control host AXT3310 intelligent public address center and the power amplifier can be placed in the control room while the loudspeakers can be placed in appointed places like waiting rooms, corridors, parking lots, etc.

Zone management, 10 zones matrix function, can extend to 100 zones by the Series;
Emergency Announcement, real time voice broadcast with the emergency microphone;
Background broadcast, play background music in different zones;
Remote paging, realize remote paging with the call station;
Weekly program timing, can set up 10 programs, each program with 200 missions;
Daily program timing, can set up 100 timing points each day;
Communicate with the fire center;

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